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One visit. One meeting. I can generally keep that to a half hour or maybe an hour at minimum when you first arrive at one of my cottages on St. Simons Island. Connecting with the new folks and reconnecting with the old, many who come back year after year, changing and growing families, sharing both good times and loss with me. I really love meeting all my guests and their kids and their dogs and hearing about home and why they come to this lovely island to get away.

Occasionally I fail to make the visit happen. Too busy, can’t get enough done. Too many pots on the fire or balls in the air or whatever phrase works to describe the inability to just stop and visit for a while. And on those occasions, I really fail to feel like I am successful. No matter how much money I make at whatever other job I am doing, I kid you not when I say that a big source of my happiness comes from knowing my cottage guests are having a good time here on St. Simons Island.

I could probably still rent these cottages out most of the year without working so hard at it and maybe even without keeping them as clean as we do or putting in the effort and they would still do okay financially. But what really makes me feel good are the connections I make with the folks who use them and who make them their home away from home again and again. My guests come, not just because they are cute, but because they feel like home. And, at least a part of that, comes from me and from Scott and the boys. And that is why I always feel like it is worth the extra effort and expense to keep them the way we do, and to stop in for a visit.

So, for those few that I failed to meet, please do come back again and let me make it up to you. Let me sit on your back porch at your cottage and get to know you for just a little while and tell you about my favorite places on the islands and what you should eat and where you should take your budding biologist or golfer or surfer or fishermen, the best runs or walks or a quiet place to read. I am here…most of the time.